Anger, frustration and people with different thought patterns

If there's one thing that triggers me, it's stupid people. Sorry, I mean of course "People with different thought patterns" as my therapist calls them.


I recently needed a cortisol injection for hip bursitis. I asked my GP to give me a referral to see an orthopedic surgeon, that way it's done with sonogram guidance but my GP informed me that the waiting list for such a procedure was long.


He said he could do it without the sono and that the procedure was easy and not painful at all.


Turns out he was wrong, he injected at the wrong spot and caused me to have even more pain.


Turns out that its not possible to do the injection without a sonogram and that the waiting list is actually less than a week.


As it turned out, as I still had to go for a sonogram and the bursitis is still there


As a result I have to get another injection this time with sonogram, in 5 weeks mind you. Because apparently there must be 8 weeks between injections and the first one is now 3 weeks ago. Things like this shouldn't have to happen if doctors would listen to their patients which seems to be a structural issue in the Dutch Healthcare System.


The effects of experiences like these are short relapses in which anxiety and other symptoms of c-ptsd heightens.

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