Marco Poelstra is a “Highly Gifted, High Functioning & A Little Traumatised” artist who uses the mediums of clay, electronics, photography, prose, and a dash of sarcasm to express his process of recovery through and healing from Complex PTSD.


He used to have the tendency to minimize his own physical or psychological injuries, hence "a little traumatised". Just to clarify, there is no such thing as a "little bit" of trauma. It can be debilitating but sarcasm, cynicism and dark humour are efficient survival tactics that "help" one from becoming overwhelmed.


He hopes by sharing his story through his art other people may be inspired to continue to find ways to express themselves and heal in healthy, productive and beautiful ways.


Marco was product of the *Summer of Love* and was subsequently born to a very loving mother with a crappy support system in March 1970 in Hengelo, The Netherlands. His early childhood was a chain of extremely traumatic events and even though diagnosed as highly gifted at early age, a bad performer at school. Anger issues, disassociation and combined various other factors lead to unmerciful bullying and torment for years and his asthma didn’t help matters.


Despite a weak health and his diagnoses of being HG, Marco decided to pursue a military career which was very short lived due to the physical affects of traumatic injuries in childhood.


After this sidestep, Marco used his HG and skills as an a strong autodidact to venture into the world of IT at the age of 17 and is soon celebrating his 30st anniversary in the business. He predominantly works for international companies, specializing in infrastructure, operations, troubleshooting and is known for his outside the box approach, non-conventional pragmatic solutions and a healthy can-do attitude. Throughout the years, in his off time as a workaholic, he experimented with different mediums from painting to photography.


Then one day his new wife found his paintings, photographs. She liked them and encouraged him to do more.


It was when Marco found sculpting and a way to express the progress, breakthroughs and healing of his therapy journey through Complex PTSD .


He hopes his art and this website will encourage healing.